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VIEW makes agricultural vehicles safer to operate by using AI technology to spot and alert about common dangers like people, animals, and other vehicles. When connected with ISOBUS, it automatically adjusts camera views to enhance comfort and convenience in every drive.

Only Available in Europe


Key Features

  • AI-Powered Hazard Detection: Utilizing artificial intelligence algorithms, VIEW actively identifies potential hazards such as pedestrians, oncoming traffic, and animals providing audible alerts to operators.
  • Automatic View Switching: VIEW seamlessly transitions between camera views via ISOBUS signals, enhancing operational comfort and convenience.
  • Collaborative Development: Developed in conjunction with end-users, VIEW's design reflects real-world needs, ensuring practicality and effectiveness in and out of the field.
  • Robust Performance: VIEW is engineered for durability and reliability, capable of withstanding the demanding conditions of agricultural vehicle operations.
  • Universal Compatibility: VIEW seamlessly integrates with a wide range of agricultural vehicles, offering a versatile safety solution for various farming applications.


  • ISOBUS: ISOBUS is needed for automatic view switching. The system can still operate without ISOBUS, but this feature won't be available.

🛒 Purchasing Options :

  • Valtra Unlimited: Are you soon getting a new Valtra tractor? Make sure to click on option code 64313200 so that Valtra Unlimited can install VIEW at the factory for you.
  • AGCO Parts: Upgrade your tractor with VIEW retrofit kits. They'll be available through AGCO Parts soon. Stay tuned for more details.
  • And even more purchasing options coming soon!

🔍 VIEW Parts Overview

Item Description Item Description
1 SMAG Rugged HD Cam 70 8 Rear Camera To SMAG Terminal Cable
2 Front Implement Camera Cable 9 SMAG Rugged HD Cam 120
3 Standard Connector Mounting Bracket 10 SMAG Terminal Power and ISOBUS Cable
4 Front Spiral Link Cable 11 SMAG Terminal To Rear Cable
5 Front Chassis To Cab Cable 12 Rear Tractor To Rear Implement Spiral Cable
6 Cab to SMAG Terminal Cable 13 Trailer Cable
7 SMAG Terminal

📦 VIEW Retrofit Kits Overview


Standard Kit

Upgrade your tractor’s VIEW when using front implements and small rear implements! Equipped with three full HD cameras, complete with cable harnesses, and a SMAG Terminal, you’ll enjoy full visibility coverage and real-time object detection awareness all around.


Front + Trailer Kit

Handling large trailers such as slurry tankers along with front implements requires careful attention and awareness. The Front + Trailer Kit offers all the advantages of the Standard Kit while enhancing rear visibility behind your trailer rather than the tractor.


Front Implement Kit

Consider investing in a Front Implement Kit for each of your front attachments to effortlessly detach the connector from the tractor and reattach it to a new implement without the inconvenience of reinstalling cabling and cameras on the front implement every time a swap is needed.


Trailer Kit

Ensure safety and precision while towing with our Trailer Kit. Specifically designed to enhance rear visibility behind your trailer, this kit equips you with the necessary tools to navigate with confidence, no matter the load.


Tractor to Tractor Kit

Do you have several tractors in your fleet? Are you interested in utilizing the SMAG Terminal across multiple tractors? The Tractor-to-Tractor Kit includes all essential wiring and a Rear Camera, streamlining the process so that you merely have to plug in a SMAG Terminal (an your already VIEW equipped front implement) to start.



Note:: This information applies only to customers who bought VIEW's retrofit kit from AGCO Parts. For other purchase options, VIEW will already be installed from the factory.

Coming soon....


Note: This information applies only to customers who bought VIEW's retrofit kit from AGCO Parts. For other purchase options, VIEW will already be programmed into the SMAG Terminal. Head over to STEP 5 or the OPERATING / OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS section to learn more about how to operate and customize your VIEW application. 

Powering up the SMAG Terminal

Step 1

Power up the SMAG Terminal by connecting it to your tractor's in-cab ISOBUS socket using the SMAG Terminal Power and ISOBUS Cable.

Selecting VIEW

Step 2

After powering up, the SMAG Terminal will display the content in the image where you will be asked to select an application to install. Press on the "VIEW Camera System" button to start VIEW's installation.

Note: If by accident you press on "Other application" don't panic. You can always go back to this screen.

Installing VIEW

Step 3

Once you click "VIEW Camera System," the installation will begin. A progress bar at the bottom of the screen will show the installation progress.

⚠ Warning

Do not turn off the SMAG Terminal until the installation is complete!

Waiting for VIEW to finish installation

Step 4

Once the progress bar at the bottom of the screen reaches 100%, the SMAG Terminal screen will turn black. Even though it looks like the terminal is off, it is not! Wait patiently until the VIEW application starts.

⚠ Warning

Do not turn off the SMAG Terminal until the VIEW application starts!

No cameras available?

Step 5

Do you see this message on the screen after the installation is completed? Don't worry and proceed to the next step.

Alternatively, if you have already connected the cameras in your SMAG Terminal, you will already see all of their streams on the screen so you can skip the following step.

Plugging in cameras

Step 6

Plug in the cameras in the SMAG Terminal as shown here.

For VIEW to work adequately, the cameras need to be connected in this exact order. Alternatively, you can customize which camera port you would like to use in VIEW's application settings. To learn how, refer to 7. System Maintenance Widget, B) Camera Port Selection for instructions in the Operating Instructions Manual here:

Installation Completed

Step 7

Congratulations! You have successfully installed VIEW in your SMAG Terminal.

Now you're probably wondering: How does this work? The VIEW Operating Manual provides detailed instructions to ensure safe and effective usage, from powering on to how to utilize settings to get the best user experience.


Note: Make sure you have installed the cameras, cables, monitor, and software before following the steps in this section!

Start the tractor and drive


Turn the key to start your vehicle's engine. The VIEW system will automatically activate in about 30 seconds, then you can start driving safely.

Customize Settings


Swipe down from the top of the screen to open settings. To exit and return to the camera views, swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

LEARN MORE: To learn more about all of VIEW's settings checkout the Operating Instructions manual found here:

Change view on the go


Swipe left or right to switch between different camera views to select your preferred VIEW and you are ready to drive safely with VIEW!

Note: If connected to ISOBUS, the view will change camera views automatically!



You have VIEW, but now you're probably wondering: How does this work? The VIEW Operating Manual provides detailed instructions to ensure safe and effective usage, from powering on to how to utilize settings to get the best user experience.



Routine Inspections

  • Regularly check all VIEW parts, including cameras, cables, mounts, and the SMAG Terminal, for damage or wear.
  • Look for loose connections or corrosion on electrical connectors and cables.
  • Make sure the cameras are clean and not blocked by dirt or debris, as this affects image quality and detection accuracy.


  • Clean the camera lenses regularly with a soft, lint-free cloth and mild cleaning solution.
  • Do not use abrasive materials or harsh chemicals, as they can damage the lenses, cameras, SMAG Terminal, or connectors.
  • Clean the SMAG Terminal screen with a soft, dry cloth to remove dust and fingerprints.


⚠ Warning

Please note that VIEW camera cables are high-quality coaxial cables, not traditional analog camera cables. Do not cut or alter these cables, as it will damage them.

Electric Diagrams

SMAG Terminal Power & ISOBUS Cable


Would you like to update your VIEW system with the latest software version?

The steps on how to do it will come soon. As of today, the latest firmware version is 1.0.

What is firmware version and where can I see what firmware version do I have on my VIEW?

In this case, firmware version refers to the specific version of VIEW's software programmed into the SMAG Terminal. This needs to be updated periodically to improve performance, fix bugs, or add new features.

To find the current firmware version of VIEW running in your SMAG Terminal follow these simple steps: 


Step 1

Enter VIEW's settings page and press on the "SYSTEM MAINTENANCE" widget.


Step 2

In the location marked in red you will find your VIEW's current firmware version.


The SMAG Terminal doesn't power up

1. Check if the SMAG Terminal Power and ISOBUS Cable is securely connected to the tractor in-cab ISOBUS socket and SMAG Terminal.

2. Verify that the in-cab ISOBUS socket is functioning correctly by testing it with another device.

3. Check if behind the SMAG Terminal there is a red light in the area highlighted on the image below. If there is a red light the SMAG Terminal is receiving power. Wait 30 seconds for VIEW to start.

4. If the problem persists, contact your dealer for additional technical support.

Poor Image Quality in the SMAG Terminal

1. Clean the camera lenses using a high quality microfiber cloth (like the one you typically use for your sunglasses) dampened with a mild cleaning solution.

2. Check the connections between the cameras and the SMAG Terminal to ensure they are well connected.

3. If the issue persists, try restarting VIEW by unplugging the in-cab ISOBUS connector from the tractor, waiting 10 seconds, and plugging it again.

4. Wait for some seconds after VIEW starts for the cameras to adjust to the light conditions automatically.

5. If the problem persists, contact your dealer for additional technical support.

Detection Malfunctioning

1. Ensure that the cameras are not obstructed by dirt, debris, or other objects.

2. Head over to "Settings" by swiping down from the top to the bottom of the SMAG Terminal when VIEW is running. Push up the vertical slider named "Alarm Sensitivity" to a higher level. VIEW will then be more sensitive at the detecting objects. However, the likelihood of false detections will also increase. 

3. If the problem persists, contact your dealer for additional technical support.


Can VIEW be integrated into the tractor terminal?

NO. Today VIEW can only work with the bespoke terminal. The terminal (with built-in high-performance ECU) is needed for the high picture quality, the ability to recognize objects and to comply with certain national regulations.

Can additional cameras be installed?

YES. You can add one extra camera on your trailer. The trailer camera will replace the tractor rear camera when plugged in. Future version of VIEW aim to support more cameras for versatile use. You can find additional cameras and accessory kits here.

Can the SMAG Terminal connect to old cameras already installed on other machines?

NO. To ensure the high-quality picture and object detection, the system utilizes new digital camera technology that does not support analogue cameras.

Can the SMAG Terminal be used for different vehicles?

YES. You can buy a Tractor-to-tractor kit that includes everything for your tractor except the terminal. You can find it here.

Can I easily switch between front implements and trailers?

YES. You can buy a Front Implement Kit and a Trailer Kit, so you can equip all your implements and trailer with camera and make it easy to switch implement and have the full functionality of the system. You can find the kits here.

Why does VIEW not use wireless cameras?

Wired cameras offer better stability, reliability, security, consistent video quality, uninterrupted power supply, immunity to signal interference, longer range, and comply with national regulations compared to their wireless counterparts.

Can I shorten the cables?

NO. The cables are specially designed for high-resolution quality images. It is not possible to cut and shorten the cables. Ask your dealer for alternative lengths if needed.

Are the cameras heated?

YES. The camera’s internal processor will keep the cameras heated and free of ice.

Can the system be used on a wheel loader or telehandler?

YES. Without front cameras, the system will work as a rear camera detecting objects behind the vehicle. It can therefore be installed on any vehicle with a 12V power supply as an intelligent rear camera system.

Does VIEW support a 360 bird-eye view?

NO. VIEW is designed to detect objects around and at a distance from the machine. It does NOT support a bird-eye 360 degree view.

Does the system have a dash-cam functionality?

NO. Today, VIEW does not have a dashcam (front camera buffer recording) feature. However, we are planning to include more features through software updates depending on customer requests so, stay tuned!