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PTO Tool

PART No: ACX4268620


The universal PTO-TOOL gives you the leverage you need to help remove your PTO shaft, no matter what type of tractor you have.

Only available in Europe



The PTO tool helps separate the implement PTO shaft from the tractor PTO axle.

  • FORK (35mm)

The PTO tool compromises of a fork that has been designed to perfectly hug your tractor’s PTO stub axle.


A long and gripped handle has been designed to give you the maximum leverage to get the PTO shaft off, without damaging the shaft itself, with the handle providing you the perfect grip. We all know how greasy a PTO shaft can get.


A handy and removable ½ inch socket has been added to the PTO tool. This can be attached to the side of the fork and taken to the field for them times you need to tighten loose bolts.


PTO tool is meant for dismounting the PTO shaft between a tractor and an implement. 

1.       Put the fork on a power take off axle between the tractor end and the PTO shaft.

2.       Support the tool on the tractor transmission housing. Mind the sensors, oil gauge glass, seal rings, and other possible sensitive parts.

3.       Open the locking of the PTO shaft.

4.       Hold up the PTO shaft and push the tool handle to remove the PTO Shaft. 


Always wear protective eyewear, safety glasses and protection shoes when using the tool. Hold up the cardan shaft when dismounting to prevent falling. You must not extend the handle. Maximum allowed force is 155 lb (700 N).


  • Does this tool aid putting the PTO Shaft on? : NO, the PTO Tool is designed to aid taking the PTO Shaft off.

  • What is the ½” socket for? : This is an added extra we put into the design of the tool to make it more useful while out in the field.

  •  Can it be used for other things other than taking the PTO Shaft off? : Of course! The PTO Tool is a multi-purpose tool and can be used for lots of different things. 

  • Can the PTO Tool be used even if there is a steel PTO Guard on the tractor? : YES, we have tested the PTO Tool in a range of different situations, and it has been designed with this in mind. You can still get the required leverage with a PTO Guard on.  Do not remove PTO guard.