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Experience a new dimension in tractor steering with our innovative Fendt ErgoSteer

The Fendt ErgoSteer steering joystick offers you an upgrade in terms of ergonomics and allows you to steer in a more relaxed and body-friendly manner for all field and yard work. The intuitive operation of the joystick is no problem even for changing drivers, and you will love the precise straight-line driving thanks to the self-centring retraction steering and the feedback of the steering angle to the driver. The individually adjustable armrest makes your workplace in the Fendt cab even more comfortable.




The following quick start steps do not replace the operating instructions, they only serve as a short overview. Please read the operater manual before using for the first time and comply with the safety regulations.

1. Mount the seat specific armrest

2. Mount the ErgoSteer-Joystick with the two knobs on the armrest

3. Connect the wiring harness to the steering joystick unit and to the armrest switch 

4. On the vehicle side, plug the wiring harness into the ISOBUS socket and into the power supply socket

5. Navigate via the main menue to the system setup of the steering

6. Make sure that ISOBUS is activated

7. Pre-activate the joystick steering by selecting the icon

• Guide has to be deactivated 

8. Activate the guide pre-activation button on the right Armrest

9. Release the parking brake

Your ErgoSteer is now active. 

L: Left

• Move the joystick to the left away from the operator, the vehicle will steer left. 

R: Right

• Move the joystick to the right towards the operator, the vehicle will steer right.

The button on the top activates the guide system

F: Forwards

R: Reverse


• No passengers are allowed to ride in the passenger seat when the joystick steering is in operation. 

• The steering joystick is not approved for road use!

• The steering joystick doesn't replace the steering wheel, but to provide an extra function.

• Do not use the steering joystick when distracted or tired. The driver's full attention is required when operating the tractor.

• Make sure the steering joystick is free of dirt, dust, or any other material that could affect the correct operation.

• Perform regular maintenance and safety checks on the steering joystick and wiring harnesses to ensure they are in good working order.

• In the event of problems or irregularities in the steering, disconnect the joystick steering unit and contact your dealer.



Part No.: 0SPC318710100 [EAME] | 72675832 [NA]

Joystick lever & harness

Buy now @ your local Dealer!

Basic scope

Part No.: 0SPC318710102 [EAME] | 72675833 [NA]

Armrest for Grammer seats

Variant scope

Part No.: 0SPC318710103 [EAME] | 72675834 [NA]

Armrest for Isringhausen Seats

Not compatible with reverse drive unit. 

Variant Scope


Assembly video for the ErgoSteer at the Grammer seats

Assembly video for the ErgoSteer at the Isringhausen seats



FMI-SPN Cause Consequence and remedy
SC-516257–9 Missing CAN messages from the joystick unit.  Check that the steering joystick cables are undamaged and properly connected.
SC-516257–31 Joystick steering paused because of a steering wheel intervention. Once the steering intervention has been completed, the joystick is available again. Note: Steering wheel and joystick do not work at the same time!
SC-516264–31 Joystick steering paused because armrest is in park position (armrest up). Fold down the joystick steering armrest.
SC-516265–12 Steering joystick version unknown. Check the software version of your machine. This must be at least NOV 2023 or more recent.
SC-516272–31 Joystick unit rocker switch (F/R) reports a defect. Have the component checked by your dealer and replaced if necessary.
SC-516273–31 Joystick unit lead angle reports a defect. Have the component checked by your dealer and replaced if necessary.
SC-516274–2 Armrest of the joystick unit in undefined position or switch in armrest defective. Fold down the armrest. If the error persists, contact your dealer who can check or replace the position sensor.
SC-516276–31 Joystick unit upper button (VG) reports a defect. Have the component checked by your dealer and replaced if necessary.
SC-516277–31 Joystick unit feedback motor reports a defect. Have the component checked by your dealer and replaced if necessary.



-  Can I order the Fendt ErgoSteer steering joystick ex works?

The Fendt ErgoSteer steering joystick is a retrofit solution. Can be ordered from all AGCO dealers via AGCO Parts. 


-  Can I also use the steering joystick on my tractor without Fendt One in the future?

Delivery is currently not possible. Possibilities for realization are being examined.


-  Why isn't the steering joystick also available for the 200/300 series with FendtONE, for example?

Due to the handbrake on the left next to the seat, it is not possible to access the handbrake as an emergency brake function through the joystick armrest.


-  How fast can I drive with the steering joystick?

Due to legal requirements, the speed of the machine is limited to 25 km/h when using the steering joystick.


-  Can I also use the steering joystick on my tractor with reverse drive station? If so, up to what speed?

Yes, also up to max. 25 km/h 


-  Is the steering joystick approved for road traffic?

The steering joystick is not approved for road use.


-  Is the joystick available in all markets (EME, NA, ...)?



-  Is it possible to order the armrest without the steering joystick?

Yes, no problem.


-  Can I simply swap the steering joystick unit between my machines?

Yes, no problem, if the second vehicle is equipped with an armrest on the left, only two toggle bolts including cable harness need to be removed. 


-  What setting options are available with the joystick?

• Retraction steering on/off

• Steering sensitivity


-  What is the meaning of retraction steering?

When the joystick is released, the vehicle steers back to straight ahead (0°) while driving.


-  Can the buttons be freely assigned?



-  Why is the housing below the steering joystick so large?

Due to the mechanics for position feedback.


-  Is this the same steering joystick as on the combine?



-  Will I lose the warranty for my seat if I add the armrest?

No, the armrest was tested and approved together with the seat manufacturers.


-  Can I drive on the road without using the joystick but with a passenger?

Yes, because the joystick must be switched off on the road.


-  Can I also use the steering wheel when the joystick is activated?

The steering wheel always works with priority.


-  Why do I have to register the steering joystick if I'm not allowed to drive it on the road anyway?

As the steering joystick interferes with the existing steering system, which must comply with ISO and UNECE specifications, installation invalidates the operating license and additional approval by a technical service/test centre (TÜV) is required. Machines for which the steering joystick has been included in the vehicle approval do not have to undergo this procedure. You can find out whether your machine already contains the information in the vehicle documents in the homologation document using your chassis number under the Operation tab.


-  Why is the steering joystick not available with the POWER or PROFI version?

The steering joystick realizes the steering movements via the steering valve of the guide system, so the POWER+ or PROFI+ equipment (guide preparation) is mandatory.