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keep a clear view, even in difficult conditions

When mowing with a boom mower, working in heavy rain, on building sites, in windy conditions or in snowfall, the side windows of the tractor can become very dirty. The CLEAR-Wiper helps to remove the dirt.
It can be installed on tractors, harvesters and any other vehicles.

Available from January 2025




The following quick start steps do not replace the operating instructions, they only serve as a short overview. Please read the operater manual before using for the first time and comply with the safety regulations.

The wiper unit can simply be glued to the glass using a template. No complicated conversion is required.
The supplied water tank is screwed into the rear of the vehicle using its bracket.
The control unit can either be installed in the radio slot or as a separate control box.

The wiper unit can be controlled with this switch. When switched off, the switch is in the tilted up position.
To start, move the switch to the centre position.  To set the interval, tilt the switch back to the upper position, wait for the desired interval time (2 - 30 sec) and then tilt the switch back to the centre position. The CLEAR-Wiper now wipes at the interval time just configured. To operate the windscreen wiper fluid, press the switch to the lower position.

To switch off, tilt the switch to the top position and leave it there.

More information follows in the operating instructions.



Retrofit Wiper

The retrofit wipers can be installed on doors and windows using an adhesive connection. The retrofit package includes the wiper unit, a wiring harness with control unit and a wiper water tank.