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2 additional hydraulic valves - Retrofit for Fendt 200 and 300 Vario

Actual Fendt 200S and 300 series only offer 4 hydraulic valves in the back or 3 in the back and 1 in the front. With Frontloader there are not enough valves left. The Extra-Valves retrofit-kit gives your tractor two additional hydraulic valves.

200 Vario: Available from September 2024
300 Vario: Available from November 2024



The kit is customised to your tractor and comes with 2 valves, connection pipes, cable harness, additional brackets and installation guideline.
Valve 1 and 2 (yellow and blue) are used for multicoupler/ frontloader only.
Valve 5 and 6 (brown and purple) are connected in the back on the same place like Valve 1 and 2.