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Fendt In-Cab Equipment

make it YOUR cabin

Numerous attachments on the tractor require additional terminals or control consoles. The MultifixBoard and the CabMount for the cab interior are available to attach these and create more space.
The Multifixboard and the CabMount are available for the Fendt 300 Vario to Fendt 700 Vario series.

Available from August 2024



The universal hole pattern in the MultifixBoard enables the installation of RAM balls, standard plug-in pockets and holders, as well as device holders. Additional clips ensure neat cable routing, while a cut-out window allows a view of wide attachments such as a mower or seed drill.


Part No.: X991635057000 [EAME]

Multifixboard Basis

The Multifixboard base set consists of the base plate, screws for fastening and cable clips for stowing any cables so that they are not in the field of vision.



One of these attached brackets is a prerequisite for mounting the Multifixboard.

If you do not have a bracket, you can find a suitable bracket for your 300 - 700 Fendt Series under this Part No.:
with FendtOne: M219PV2598003
without FendtOne: G737812100300 


To mount the Multifixboard, use the two M8 screws supplied.
Insert the screws through the holes provided and tighten the screws to 21 Nm on the weld nuts.

The possible attachments can be found in the rider "ATTACHMENTS".
Important: Not all attachments fit together.


PART NO.: X991635058000 [EAME]

Storage Compartment

Available from November 2024

PART NO.: X991635062000 [EAME]

Single cup holder

PART NO.: X991635061000 [EAME]

Double cup holder

PART NO.: 931812240710 & 931812240720 [EAME]

Bottle holder

PART NO.: X991635059000 [EAME]

RAM Mount Size-C thread end M8

PART NO.: M222PB2598230 [EAME]

RAM Mount Size-C thread end M12

PART NO.: M222PB2598050 [EAME]

RAM Mount Size-C

PART NO.: G652810450060 [EAME]

RAM Mount Size-B

PART NO.: LM98104702 [EAME]

Terminal Bracket Tigo Loader

universal plug-in flap

Available on the open market
E. g. at BayWa Part No.: 10008409

Dimensions inside 52 x 12mm

PART NO.: H178800630010 [EAME]

handbrake holder


The CabMount is complemented by a RAM ball adapter for mounting different operating terminals on the A-pillar. The CabMount can also be used as a mounting point for an additional cup holder.  


Part No.: X991635063000 [EAME]


The Cabmount Basic set consists of the cabmount adapter, a plate with cable clips and a RAM ball.

PART NO.: X991635064000 [EAME]


The Cabmount Pro set consists of the Cabmount adapter, a larger plate with cable clips, a cup holder for 2 drinks with fastening screws and a RAM ball.



Use the 2 existing screws to mount the cabmount. Tighten the screws hand-tight so that the cabmount is firmly fixed.


  • There may be slight visibility restrictions.
  • Ensure that the Fendt in-cab equipment is correctly and securely mounted.
  • Loose cables must be secured using the cable clips.

For further safety instructions, please refer to the instruction manual.